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Natural Remedies for High Blood Pressure!

home remedies for high blood pressure
Control High BP with Natural Remedies

High blood pressure (Hypertension) is a medical condition in which the arterial blood pressure is elevated. Due to this the heart has to work harder than normal to circulate blood through the blood vessels. The more blood your heart pumps and the narrower your arteries, the higher your blood pressure. It is said to be present if it is persistently above 140/90 mmHg.

The common factors that lead to high blood pressure are chaotic lifestyle, lack of physical activity, obesity, tobacco consumption, excessive alcohol intake, prolonged periods of stress and anxiety, excessive sodium and/or low potassium intake in the diet, or a family history of high blood pressure. Hypertension can also be caused by kidney disease, hormonal disorders, thyroid disease, adrenal gland disease, and the use of oral contraceptives. 

Learn in this article about some the time-tested natural remedies that can be used efficiently and safely to treat hypertension well!

  • Prepare a mixture of powdered fennel seeds along with cumin seeds. Add sugar to taste & administer a tsp to lower blood pressure.
  • Having a tsp of powdered fenugreek seeds with water empty stomach in the morning is said to be beneficial in curing high blood pressure.
  • Prepare a mixture of powdered melon seeds and dried poppy (Khaskhas) seeds in equal proportions. Have a tsp of the mixture with water twice daily.
  • Roast a few garlic cloves in a tbsp of clarified butter. Take about 2g of the same twice daily. Also, a paste of garlic cloves taken with butter milk is said to be helpful in keeping a check on hypertension. 
  • Consuming fresh basil and neem leaves on an empty stomach everyday is helpful in controlling hypertension.
  • To treat hypertension, have about ½ tsp of powdered Rauvolfia serpentina roots thrice daily with water or milk.
  • Another useful remedy for high BP is to prepare a decoction of the Arjuna bark in water & administer 25-30 ml twice daily.
  • Drinking a cup of fresh orange juice twice a day is effective for patients suffering from hypertension.
  • Extract juice from 30-35 curry leaves. Strain and mix the same in a cup of water. Add ½ tsp of lemon juice to taste. Have it empty stomach every morning.
  • Prepare a mixture of a tsp of ginger juice with powdered cumin seeds & honey. Take it twice daily.
  • To control high blood pressure, take 2 tbsp of onion juice with honey daily.

Those suffering from high blood pressure must cut down on diet rich in salt and sugar content, trans-fatty acids & hydrogenated oils. Excessive consumption of fatty dairy products, deepfried foods & sweets should be controlled. Consume foods high in green vegetables and fresh fruits, & minerals such as potassium, magnesium, calcium, etc.

Regular exercises like brisk walking or yogic breathing exercises should be made a part of life to control the disease. Patient should reduce tobacco and alcohol intake to lower blood pressure levels. One must take adequate sleep & make it a habit to manage day-to-day stress levels & avoid anxiety and anger.

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